• Call Shop Web / Online

    • Web based CallShop
    • Unlimited booths
    • Profit / Cash reports
  • Calling Card ANI/ PIN

    • Customized IVR
    • Multi Currency
    • Profit / Cash reports
  • Dialers Mobile & PC

    • Android, iOS and Symbian
    • Logo branding
    • Low bandwidth required
  • Devices Sip / H323

    • Wide range of devices
    • Auto configuration
    • DID mapping

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Why choose us;

  • Fully Fledged Retail Solution
  • PC and Mobile Dialers Included
  • Carrier Grade solution
  • Retail Quality termination
  • Friendly Support 


Dedicated Monitoring is Key to Our Quality

We proactively monitor calls for False Answere, Low Connectivity and voice quality issue's and fix them even before you know it

Some of the Power Packed Features on SARC

    • Mark Up Rates

      Setup your own sell rates and decide your profits by offering competitive rates for every destination. — Read More

    • Generate Customers / PINS

      Create Unlimited calling cards, Callshop's and user accounts. Setup Expiry dates and recurring charges to any account. — Read More

    • Invoicing

      Auto Generate invoices with your own logo. Invoices are mailed to customers automatically. — Read More

    • Sub Reseller

      Expand your distribution network using resellers. Allow resellers to completely manage rates, accounts and payments. 5855589900

    • Business Reports

      Monitor your Profits, Traffic and payments in realtime. Complete reporting on your business performance. — Read More

    • Free Minute Buckets

      Offer free minutes to a single or multiple destinations on a daily / weekly or Monthly basis — Read More



  • Just Reselling

  • Meet Our TOP Resellers

    With over 500 reseller's in 60 countries we understand the importance of speed. We believe that quality is important to maintain a brand and competitive rates are important to increase your market.


  • Rohan Baskar

    Amazing company to work with. Account Managers are friendly and helpful and available anytime to assist me with any issues


  • Sophia Ahmad

    Most route issues are taken care of immediately helping me to offer good market in my country.


  • Jamal Aktar

    Very easy to use and understand, No need training for my reseller they can quickly do things and sell fast. Also many dialer for block issue available.