Led Paver Lights

I have 20 of these in my sidewalks around my house



Our LED pavers in the front sidewalk of our house

Led Metal Art

Prices start at $110 for wiring only and up depending on the
configuration if made waterproof for lania or Moon is added.

The colors and brightness can be changed with a wireless remote
that is included in the $110 starting price.

See link below for more metal art



Our LED palm tree and Moon in the master bath

Only limited by the amagination

Below are pieces that would make a wonderful display at your home or place of business

All of the Metal Art seen here at this link can be back lighted with LEDs



LED Lighted Address

I'm going to use this on my home, it's on my list - I have about 6 extra let me know if you want one.

click to play to view changing colors

LED Lighted Lanai

Lighting up the Lanai is something they just don't do in Florida.
Why not increase the living space and bring the outdoors in at night

This unused area is total waste of space, unless it's lite up.


The colors are selectable are very bright it is dimmable with both a wireless
handheld remote control or a touch panel wall plate.

There is a waterproof 4 pin plug on the back where it plugs into the
power source and is its low voltage, 12VDC.

This light is sealed to keep water out and I made it for outdoor use.
The LEDs I used here are the waterproof type

I can select the color you want and when you turn on the lights
it will be that color you selected will be where you left it.

The color is not predetermined, I can also change that color and level of brightness on the fly.



Our LED lights on our lanai cage

Video of LED pavers
I have many extra let me know if you want some.

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